Small Scale Rural Electrification

Developing countries face unique challenges when it comes to sustainable electricity production in remote areas. Creating a successful long-term renewable energy solution requires considerably more than just a technology “fix”. Earth Systems understands that the specific social and environmental context for a rural electrification project will not only dictate the technology choice but will also determine the key factors influencing the ultimate long-term success of the project. Whether it is micro- or pico-hydro, micro-wind, solar or a bioenergy system, Earth Systems can help match social needs and energy requirements with a suitable, sustainable technology platform.


Our rural electrification services include:

  • Renewable energy resource surveys, assessments and mapping;
  • Renewable energy feasibility studies;
  • Environmental and social impact assessments;
  • CDM project development – generating carbon credit incentives for renewable energy projects;
  • Carbon accounting services to quantify the full life-cycle project emissions;
  • Independent assessment of project economics and technology feasibility; and
  • Engineering design expertise in renewables – particularly in biomass to energy systems and processes.

Recent projects

  • CDM project development for a 76 MW run-of-river hydro power project in Lao PDR
  • Feasibility study for a 1 MWe bioenergy power plant in Victoria, Australia
  • Worldwide small-scale biomass gasification technologies survey


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