Geochemical Characterisation

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Interactions between water (and other solutions) and natural (rock or soil) or man-made materials may result in reactions that change the composition, structural stability, toxicity or even pollutant capacity of the materials involved.  Both natural and artificial geochemical processes can have positive or negative impacts on the quality of air, water, soils, rocks, vegetation, ecosystems and even human health.

Understanding these interactions and processes is a specialty of Earth Systems.  Our expertise in geochemistry enables us to characterise materials and understand the potential interactions, reactions, products and effects.  Using this expertise we can assist corporate and regulatory clients in devising strategies and solutions to meet environmental and process goals.

Services Provided

Key Geochemical services provided by Earth Systems include:

  • Salinity investigations, including potential causes and remediation options.
  • Assessment of the impacts of mine wastes on water quality eg. Acid and Metalliferous Drainage (AMD) or Acid Rock Drainage (ARD).
  • Assessment of geological materials for use in the Building and Construction Industry, including material stability and potential impacts on water quality.
  • Contaminated site assessment, including interactions between contaminant and water or rock, contaminant transport mapping, risk assessment and remediation strategies.
  • Kinetic testing to establish rates of water / rock / soil interaction and potential impacts on water quality.
  • Assessment and optimisation of water treatment plants processes, including treatment sludge stability and reuse.
  • Geochemical impacts of construction activities including road construction, tunneling and foundation excavation.
  • Investigations of process and waste water issues, including reuse, scaling, contaminant build up and waste water quality.
  • Causes and impacts of groundwater contamination.


Earth Systems has provided geochemical characterisation services to a broad range of industries in the private sector, as well as governments and research organisations.  Recent projects completed by Earth Systems include:

  • Geochemical assessment of the suitability of extracted waste rock from a mining operation for use in a variety of construction applications including as a road base and cement additive.
  • Geochemical investigation of elevated Cu and Zn levels in an abandoned tailings dam at Benambra, NE Victoria.  Follow-up work included treatment and recommendations for long term remediation.
  • Assessment of acid drainage potential and production from waste at numerous sites in Australia, China, Indonesia, Laos, Peru, Tanzania, Mali, Senegal, Solomon Islands and South Africa.
  • Geochemical study of groundwater quality at a manufacturing site as part of a monitoring and environmental risk assessment program.
  • Geochemical study to determine if sewage treatment lagoons were adversely effecting groundwater quality.
  • Design of a goechemical investigation program and potential groundwater remediation strategies for a contaminated landfill site in Sydney, Australia.
  • Long term geochemical stability and reuse options for water treatment sludges.



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