Water Quality Management

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Earth Systems provides total water quality management solutions, from characterisation to treatment, and is committed to outcomes that are in the best interests of the environment and human health.

We have successfully completed surface water and groundwater quality projects in all Australian states as well as in China, India, Indonesia, Laos, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Philippines, Tanzania, Mali, Senegal, South Africa, Argentina, Peru and the U.S. We provide expert advice and innovative solutions to a range of water quality issues including metal pollution (Cu, Pb, Zn, Fe, Al, Mn, As, Sb, Cd, Co, Ni, Ag, CrIII), turbidity, cyanide contamination, acid, salinity (Cl, SO4, SCN), nutrients, BOD, COD, alkalinity and odour.

We have specialist expertise in managing Acid and Metalliferous Drainage (AMD).

Services Provided

Water Quality Monitoring & Management

  • Field sampling and analysis programs.
  • Automated monitoring / data-logging systems (design, construct, commission, maintain).
  • Data management / interpretation / web-based mapping.

Data Management and Interpretation

  • Water chemistry / Geochemistry.
  • Metal speciation / reactive path modelling.
  • Acid / metal generation.

Remediation & Treatment

  • Acid and metalliferous drainage (AMD)
  • Acid Sulfate Soils
  • Nutrient Pollution and Algal Blooms Control
  • Strategic response planning
  • Stormwater management and re-use
  • Groundwater remediation
  • Wetland modelling, design and construction
  • Revegetation and erosion control
  • Emergency response / contract water treatment

Representative Experience

Recent project experience includes:

  • Modelling, design and construction of wetlands (passive treatment) for local government, state government authorities¬†and private sector companies.
  • Installation of groundwater monitoring bores, sample collection, analysis and interpretation.
  • Providing specialist knowledge of hydro-geochemistry and speciation of metals in water to investigate and address¬†contamination of drinking water, surface water and groundwater.
  • Catchment studies to determine pollution sources and implementation of strategies to improve water quality.
  • Development and implementation of AMD and cyanide management strategies in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia,¬†Laos, Peru, Tanzania and South Africa.
  • Design and implementation of erosion control and revegetation works for government and private sector companies.
  • Site water quality characterisation and development of concept and detailed design of water treatment equipment.
  • Emergency response (in-situ) treatment of contaminated water bodies.

For more information or to discuss our range of environmental Management and Assessment services please contact Earth Systems at water@earthsystemseurope.com


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