Rehabilitation and Closure

Earth Systems has the expertise and capability to provide site rehabilitation and closure planning advice for natural resource development projects (mining, hydropower) at all stages – from pre-feasibility to post-closure maintenance.  We offer our clients unique, site-specific and innovative solutions that are both financially and environmentally sound.  We believe that closure planning should start at the earliest phases of a project and have regular review and revision throughout the life of a project to ensure the most cost effective rehabilitation and closure program – and to minimise the potential for ‘surprises’ in the long-term.

We prepare rehabilitation and closure strategies that incorporate progressive rehabilitation throughout the life of a project to minimise closure liability and maximize end-use benefits. Where relevant, rehabilitation and closure strategies are developed in consultation with local communities and government authorities to ensure that their opinions and long-term plans are incorporated into closure planning.

Earth Systems also provides specialist expertise and emergency assistance for typical closure problems.  We have a proven track record in providing solutions for:

  • Sites containing acid generating waste materials.
  • Turbid, acidic or contaminated water bodies.
  • Management of post-closure water quality issues.

Services Provided

  • Preparation of Rehabilitation and Closure Plans
  • Evaluation of closure options using multi-criteria decision analysis
  • Design and management of research programs to define closure issues and refine closure options
  • Wetland design and construction
  • Flora/fauna surveys
  • Species selection and species trials for contaminated sites
  • Erosion control
  • Stormwater runoff management
  • Water quality solutions
  • Design and implementation of post-closure monitoring programs

Representative Experience

  • Strategic Framework for Rehabilitation and Closure Planning, including multi-criteria decision analysis of closure options, for a large coal mine in Victoria, Australia
  • Rehabilitation and Mine Closure Plan for the Sepon Project (Oxiana Resources) in Lao, PDR
  • Conceptual Closure Plan for the Peak Gold Mine (covering both active and historic mining areas), NSW, Australia (Rio Tinto)
  • Design of a rehabilitation and closure strategy for the Benambra base metal mine in Victoria, Australia

For more information or to discuss our range of environmental Management and Assessment services please contact Earth Systems at [email protected]

Recent News

Report for The International Network for Acid Prevention

26 May 2020

Earth Systems in collaboration with Okane Consultants, released a report providing new insight into ensuring low polluting mine operations, and more successful mine closure outcomes.

The report reviews conventional mine rock stockpile construction methods, and summarises improved construction technologies that are available to help improve water quality from mine wastes. Continued efforts to implement these technologies will help quantify their environmental and economic benefits.


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